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        About Us
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        ∴  Corporate Culture
        Based on quality, seek development; improve efficiency, create efficiency; company grow, a total of prosperity.

        Management philosophy: scientific and strict, serious and efficient quality
        : Today's quality is tomorrow's market
        Pursuit of business: customer satisfaction, social satisfaction, satisfaction of the Government of brand
        : global services for one hundred and Technology
        Dedicated philosophy: to themselves self-transcendence, the human softly, work wear droplets stone, man crystal clear

        Three-year strategic objectives for the WeiBai Group

        The next three years, as the WeiBai Group, vigorously implement the "development of strong enterprises, promote the reform of enterprises, management of solid prices, the quality of legislation, environmental protection enterprises, science and technology enterprises, talent thriving enterprise, cultural Young Enterprise, safe and stable prices, harmonious prosperous enterprise" strategic objectives, so as the WeiBai Group's brand influence, cultural influence, effectiveness influence, talent influence, marketing influence in the province-class, leading.

        Five-year strategic objectives for the WeiBai Group

        The next five years to fight for the WeiBai Group, a leading large enterprises, entered the national top 500, top 10 in the province, leading the window glass industry of the country, leading the Chinese shaped glass window to the world, to build China glass industry in the international market, the new advantage, establish Chinese windows new benchmark in the world of glass.
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