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        ∴  Wei Bai industrial park
        Message from the President
           Faith will move mountains. Years of ups and downs and now a brilliant cast of Weibai. From the early days of the annual output of less than 20,000 tons of small cement plants started, but now has developed into a collection of building materials, chemical industry, high-tech-based group of companies,WeiBai solidly come a paved with blood and sweat struggle of the road. We thank the community for the generous help of WeiBai and portrait attention, thanks to conscientious various positions in the company for us!

           Wise choices and strong character, is an essential element of a successful business. Today, competition and development with the opportunities and challenges for the WeiBai will be more resolute stance committed efforts to achieve their goals, and to our partners and as we embrace the future with confidence. Make full use of their resources, to provide customers with quality products and services, to fulfill our commitment and value. We continue to create a fair and just competition environment and the ability and integrity of the human system as a support core of enterprise development, ability and political integrity of people realize the value of life, and our common struggle one hundred fresh impetus for rapid development.

           The coming days, we will continue to treat people with truth, doing things with sincerity. Constant pursuit of better quality and service, and create a genuine partnership, pioneering win atmosphere. Meanwhile, sincerely welcome all walks of life come to one hundred, and seek common development, create brilliant!
        Chairman: Zeng Wei Bai
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