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        ∴  Company Profile

        Hunan WeiBai technology co.LTD under the Hunan DongKou for the 100 Group Co., Ltd., is a professional R & D, production, marketing smart touch window glass in one of the private limited liability company registered with the approval of the national business sector. The products can be widely used in mobile phones, MP3/MP4, computer, TV, opened in areas such as electronic photo frame.

        The company was founded in April 2012, and settled in Hunan hole Economic Development Zone, convenient transportation, beautiful campus environment. 1,000,000 window glass design scale Nissan plans a total investment of 20 billion yuan, in two phases. The company has 200 acres of land, 2,000 acres of land for vision. Design and planning with a total construction area of ??500,000 square meters.

        The company has advanced technology, first-class production equipment, modern testing methods, high-efficiency production line, high-quality workforce, has set equipment research and development, mold, process development, CNC, grinding, enhancement, printing, coating (AR / AS / NCVM), laser, hot forming, cold mill 3D is equal to one full-process R & D and production technology. In our R & D projects, at least 10 technology can be patented. Traditional grinding equipment are not scientific computer, TV screen, such as large-size glass polishing, polishing equipment only for similar small size glass processing, traditional works. Our company introduced advanced polishing and grinding equipment based on existing flat glass grinding and polishing, polishing and grinding profiled window glass. The maximum machinable diameter 980 mm shaped glass can be widely used in areas such as computers, TV, multimedia.

        The company has passed ISO9001 quality management system and ISO14001 environmental management system certification, and now has the most advanced and highest degree of automation in the production and testing equipment and mature process, independent research and development of a variety of high-end products to adapt to customer needs. The products not only to break the monopoly of foreign technology, and the technical indicators have reached or even exceeded the international advanced level.

        We always adhere to the "sales as the leader, as the core talent, research-based" management philosophy, and constantly promote the pace of innovation in enterprises, and always maintain the advanced enterprise of scientific creativity. Companies adhering to the "first-class quality, timely delivery, reasonable price," the purpose of serving. Based on the hole, global scientific attitude to excellence continue to explore tireless efforts and extensive cooperation and seek common development and strive to perfect products and reliable quality with customers at home and abroad!

        Hunan WeiBai Technology Co., Ltd. sincerely welcome customers at home and abroad come to visit, study, business negotiations. I believe we are your best partner!

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